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Team Building: Services


Pivotal Transitions offers a variety of innovative workshops that can be tailored to meet the needs of your team or organization. Our workshops are experiential – utilizing real workplace situations, hands-on learning activities, reflective practice and application processes. Each of these elements engage participants to develop dynamic leadership practices, skills and frameworks to manifest personal and professional success.

Coaching for Performance

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” – Winston Churchill


A great manager is a great coach. In today’s workplace, there is a growing need for great managers. Learn the tools and processes necessary to motivate, mentor, and coach your most valuable asset-your people-to achieve personal and professional excellence.


Top 8 Values in High Impact Coaching:

  • Clarity: Identify how your values and guiding principles will support your clarity and success

  • Support: a commitment to stand with and behind yourself, your family, your career, and your community

  • Confidence: a personal commitment to positive and sustainable patterns

  • Partnership: how to create a win-win partnership stakeholders in your life

  • Perspective: a total focus on your personal success (Intention + Attention=Manifestation)

  • Risk: the innovation and effort that fosters learning by doing

  • Patience: ability to identify and support both the process and results

  • Sustainability: the power and benefit of long term strategies, systems and investment

Strategic Leadership

Strategic leadership is based on one simple principle: embodying Personal Leadership. Personal leadership is the desire of an individual to take charge of his or her own life. Personal leaders realize that leadership is not a position or title, but an outlook on life and their role in the world. The best way to describe personal leadership is to discuss some of its desired traits. Like most things worth having, these do not come easily to a person. On the other hand, living a philosophy of personal leadership does not require a magical formula, nor is it available to only a few. It is actually available to most but what it requires is a commitment to balance, a sense of purpose and values. If personal leadership had a motto it would be this, “before I seek to change or motivate others I must first learn to change and motivate myself. I must first become the change I wish to see in others.”

Leadership Presence: Claim Your Seat at the Table

As a leader, success hinges on leveraging your best. In order to excel as both an individual as well as a leader, we need to shift our thinking from “what do I need to change to become successful?” to “how can I leverage my strengths to be successful?” Learn to identify individual strengths and more importantly, the triggers that activate those strengths to elevate your leadership presence and effectiveness. Learn to make tiny, but crucial shifts that will give you the confidence to claim your seat at the table.

Courageous Conversations

Mastering team learning, which has become a critical step in building a learning organization, requires one fundamental principle — effective communication. But this need for communication is not just on a simple level, it involves a deeper understanding and knowledge of how and when to use dialogue in the workplace. It’s time to talk about what’s important to us. It’s time to share what we see, what we feel; and listen to what others see and feel.


Communication is critical to success in today’s competitive environment. Being aware of communication patterns allows us to more clearly interpret intent and meaning when exchanging ideas with leaders, peers, direct reports, and customers. This workshop focuses on the fundamentals of communication as the building blocks to successful partnerships. Participants learn effective communication strategies, how to interpret non-verbal communication, how to use powerful open-ended questions and enhance one’s listening skills. This course will transform the way you communicate with others!

Virtual Team Building

Cultivate, commit and create in a virtual world! We are looking forward and committed to you and your team's ability to navigate this unfolding dynamic of uncertainty, change. We have curated a program that includes leader coaching, 3 part virtual team training, personal and professional development based on an alignment model to ensure you stay connected, engaged and committed in this time of adversity. We Invite and encourage you to nurture your team and dare to lead from a place of authenticity, conversation and growth.

1:1 Executive Leadership Team Coaching Session

2, 30 Minute Virtual Coaching Sessions

Be You. Honor and acknowledge the circumstances. You have the capacity to create and lead change. Commit to being a good leader; it can and will greatly impact the success of your team, your organization and yourself in this time of adversity.

  • Good leaders must understand their own motivations, strengths, weaknesses and style. How will you demonstrate this to your team?

  • Great leaders connect with their team by facilitating open communication, encouraging employee growth and development, and creating connection and value. How are you creating the platform and space for further trust and connection to emerge?

  • Effective leaders will create new systems and operating principles/procedures to support productive working relationships. How are you investing your time to reset the team and re-engage team members?

Anyone can sit in front of a screen and delegate tasks, but there is more to effective leadership than that, especially now. Employees who work under great leaders tend to be happier, more productive and more connected to their organization – and this has a ripple effect that reaches your business's bottom line.

Team Engagement 1

45-60 Minute Virtual Team Facilitation

Who are we as a team? What are our best practices? How do we leverage them? What do we need to change? Where do we now need to pivot? What can/should we do differently? Let's be honest. Let's have that courageous conversation. Let’s make a difference.

  1. Define new virtual working processes/procedures

  2. Create team operating principles

  3. Establish Integrated experiences based on what you can control

  4. Identify functional vs. strategic meetings

Team Engagement 2

45-60 Minute Virtual Team Facilitation

Communication as a virtual team is often less frequent, and always is less rich than face-to-face interaction, which provides more contextual cues and information about states — such as engagement or lack thereof. The only way to avoid the pitfalls is to be extremely clear and disciplined about how the team will communicate. We will create a charter that establishes norms of behavior when participating in virtual meetings, conversation and commitment. In this session we will:

  1. Learn and identify team communication styles-team style analysis

  2. Leverage best communication strategies as a team

  3. Build-on team “cadence” or “rhythm” for team meetings and conversations

  4. Agree on a shared language based on operating procedures

  5. Foster shared leadership

One of the most important elements in virtual work of effective leadership is creating an open line of communication with your team members. This is more critical than ever. Choose the opportunity to engage and create a high performing team.

Team Engagement 3

45-60 Minute Virtual Team Facilitation

Now what? Now where do we go? How do we engage and continue to influence as a team? How do we stay inspired? Motivated? Committed to excellence?

The team will be guided through an interactive exercise that will help to define and adopt elements of a high performing virtual team based on best practices, challenges, and opportunities as defined by the team. The team will commit to best practices and actions of sustainability.

We are committed to support you, your team, and your organization. We will curate a team experience that will help ground, support, align and create growth opportunities in this time of uncertainty. We Believe in you. We believe in your team. This is your defining moment to “lean in” and claim your Leadership Legacy.

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