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Leadership is one of the most popular topics and with good reason. Employees need to be led and motivated in order to perform. We hold different views on valuable leadership skills. Whether they focus on leadership motivation, classic management or leadership development, they all bring their own unique perspective to the table.​
Most Requested Speaking Topics:
What's Your Leadership Legacy? Create Excellence with Lasting Impressions

​More than 80% of a leader’s effectiveness is determined through their Leadership Image, yet less than 10% of leaders in key management positions know or understand what their Leadership Image is. This power-packed interactive presentation provides transformational tips and strategies to provide your audience with a comprehensive understanding of your unique Leadership Image and how to be more effective in your career, leadership, and life. Attendees learn techniques that can immediately be used that create excellence with lasting impressions for every aspect of life.

Become an Exceptional Leader: Elements to Leverage Leadership Success

There are all sorts of leaders in the world. Some are better than others. To succeed in the long run, companies and organizations need great leaders. What is it that you can do to be not just an effective leader but an exceptional leader? Thought provoking and mind shifting, this presentation can be given in a variety of timed formats from one hour to a full day format.

Create Success From Fear: Shift Your Mindset

Have you ever felt confident and sure of yourself and then stepped up to try something new and in that moment found yourself in a state of fear? In life, those situations happen during our childhood and on through our adult lives. It is what you choose to do in those moments that can change your life. Life is about choice and the choices each of us make, day to day and in every situation. This presentation helps to look at fear face on, in a positive way to build you up, not bring you down. After this presentation attendees will have tips to use immediately to build their confidence, success and to rise.

Courageous Conversations: Communication Tips for Success

High-energy, engaging and interactive! If you want to be a more effective leader in your career and life this power packed presentation provides transformational tips to make your life soar. Piper opens minds with innovative ways to connect more effectively with others crossing all cultures and developing powerful ways to engage in more meaningful conversations. Rich in content, Piper's motivational speech, and presentation is fun and engaging. You will learn simple techniques to infuse into your life that will help you create excellence with lasting impressions and make you a better and more effective communicator. Piper motivates with her high energy, words, messages, strategies to build greater skill sets, confidence, and tips to achieve greater leadership success in all aspects of your life.

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