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If You Can’t Get Out of It, Get Into It

Throughout this pandemic, we have all experienced that moment where we “wanted out.” Whether it was at home with our kids, our spouses constantly around us, at work in a virtual world with back-to-back video calls, or the daily grind of pushing through the constant changes and shifts in our life.

As we transition into 2022 with the realization that the pandemic is far from over, while also hopeful that businesses, schools, etc. will remain somewhat consistent, we can all resonate with the reality that we will continued to be challenged and once again pushed outside our comfort zone in new ways.

And when those moments present themselves, I invite you to ask yourself, “If I can’t get out of it, how can I get into it?” Instead of letting the challenge of the moment spiral us into focusing on what we can’t do, or becoming the victim, let’s give ourselves permission to own our actions and put the intention out there to manifest the results we want to emerge.

You are probably telling yourself, “yeah right, that won’t work.” AND that is exactly where you start. Commit to making the start of 2022 your time to shift your perspective and your mental game. Start by committing to one week. Every time you find yourself frustrated, challenged, or thinking negative thoughts, make the pivot and tell yourself: “If I can’t get out of it, get into it.” Notice and be aware of what changes you are able to manifest in your life.

This is your moment. This is your life. Make it count.

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