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Career Transition Coaching

Are you struggling to find direction in your career? Do you feel stressed, frustrated, unsatisfied or under-appreciated? Are you off-course, or losing the sense of fulfillment you once got from your job? Or, are you looking for “the edge” that gives you focus and accelerates you towards career success?

Do you want help to assess your marketable strengths and develop career insights with a strategy to move forward and find a fulfilling career? If so, career transition coaching is right for you!


Whether you are just beginning your career development or looking to transition into a new career field, the Pivotal Transition team will partner with you to create your strategy for success.

Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaching is a cutting edge practice of effective leaders in business. Our corporate coaching approach is specifically tailored for leaders looking to gain their next competitive advantage. We will partner with you to gain clarity and strategic direction around your professional development as well as develop tools focused on motivating and retaining high-performing employees.

Corporate Coaching will enable a client to: 

  • Understand process, increase productivity, and get results

  • Increase influence through applied strategic thinking

  • Develop a motivated, invested team coaching plan

  • Challenge individual and team competence learning edge

  • Encourage rigor, strategic thinking, visioning, planning, and communication skills across the team

  • Build empowerment through shared, aligned leadership

  • Exceed personal and team expectations

Team Coaching

Team Coaching works with your team as a system as opposed to a collection of individuals, and is an ongoing process to sustain change over time as opposed to a one off team building event. This is an opportunity to move past the idea of a “fix it all in one day” approach to team building, as time and time again the question of sustaining actions and behaviors agreed by the team at the initial day requires an ongoing level of reflection and time out from the team.

Team coaching helps people understand how to work better with others. It’s an effective method for showing teams how to reduce conflict and improve their working relationships. There are some team coaching interventions that primarily focus on the interactions and working relationships: the way people act with their teammates, and the way they communicate with one another – these are important drivers of effective team performance.

Development of key leadership skills across the team:

  • Improvement in relationships and increased trust

  • A sense of shared, common issues

  • Assessing how coaching has provided a vehicle for cultural change

  • The amount of time spent on “real” and “pressing” issues

  • Create approaches to sustainability, such as long-term peer coaching

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