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Mission Statement:

We partner with individuals and teams to create dynamic workplaces that thrive on collaboration, communication and change to create sustainable, high-performing teams.

The Meaning of the Water Droplet:

As a young college student, Piper had the opportunity to participate in a workshop targeted toward individuals experiencing a "mid-life crisis." The youngest person by at least 15 years, Piper found that all of the material was not only relevant to her age group, but perfectly targeted toward the needs of anyone in transition. The program focused on everything from developing purpose, identifying personal vision and creating a roadmap for one's life. At the end of the workshop, she was asked to create a logo that symbolized her purpose, passion and life's calling. Piper chose the water droplet.

Why the water droplet? As a droplet hits the water, it doesn't just stop there. Instead, it creates a ripple effect-symbolizing the opportunity to engage our authentic self and leverage our natural strengths to manifest powerful results in ourselves, our organizations, and our community.

Piper has always been drawn to helping others to capitalize on their strengths to create a meaningful purpose-centered life. She began to see the benefits of creating a program that would send ripples of leadership, clarity and empowerment to other individuals, teams and organizations in transition.

Today the water droplet has taken on even greater meaning: the Pivotal Transitions team is committed to sending ripples of leadership and purpose to individuals, teams and organizations so that they too can create powerful results in their lives. The team believes that each person has unique talents and strengths and all each of us needs is clarity, confidence and personal leadership to leverage and capitalize on the unique talents and strengths we offer to the world!

About Pivotal Transitions

Pivotal Transitions Coaching and Consulting was established in 2005 by Piper Abodeely, Principal. The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington and offers coaching and consulting to individuals, teams and organizations around the country. The company was founded on the guiding principle: "change is everywhere, but Pivotal Transitions define who we are." Thus, each program, coaching experience, and offering is focused on partnering with others to leverage individual strengths to create a purpose-centered life.