Purpose. Presence. Performance.

Step into your Leadership Edge.

Our Invitation:

Accept responsbility for your actions.

Be accountable for your results.

Take ownership of your mistakes.

The decisions we make, the impact we create, the footprints we leave behind, will all determine our legacy. We invite you to step into your leadership Edge.



    Our Commitment:


Our commitment is to partner with indvidiuals, teams and organizations to create the space and platform to elevate to the next level of personal and professional excellence. We bring innovative strategies, depth of experience, authenticty and transparency to create a partnership to ensure suceess. 

  • Transparent

  • Learns from Failure

  • Builds Trust

  • Exemplifies Confidence

  • Vulnerable

  • Practices Humilty

  • Demonstrates Decisiveness

  • Creative

  • Passionate

What kind of leader are you? 

Pivotal Transitions Services

A process that offers active and resourceful team focus with a commitment to excellence to achieve business results.

Team Effectiveness




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