Intentional Communication

Mastering team learning, which has become a critical step in building a learning organization, requires one fundamental principle—effective communication. But this need for communication is not just on a simple level, it involves a deeper understanding and knowledge of how and when to use dialogue in the workplace. It’s time to talk about what’s important to us. It’s time to share what we see, what we feel; and listen to what others see and feel.

Communication is critical to success in today's competitive environment. Being aware of communication patterns allows us to more clearly interpret intent and meaning when exchanging ideas with leaders, peers, direct reports, and customers. This workshop focuses on the fundamentals of communication as the building blocks to successful partnerships. Participants learn effective communication strategies, how to interpret non-verbal communication, how to use powerful open-ended questions and enhance one's listening skills. This course will transform the way you communicate with others!

Develop your own communication skills and practices today!